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Energy, Aura, & Kirlian Photography Research Papers

Anti-Aging Research

Aura Photography - Russell Randle : This paper is written to scientists in the medical field to encourage research, development, and possibly use of “auric” photography as a non-invasive method of medical diagnosis. (pdf file, 35KB, posted January 2002)

On Contact Electrophotography and Emulsions - Andrés Esteban de la Plaza
About the so called Kirlian Photography and the media used to register the images produced.

False Images Due to Wrong Film Disposition - Andrés Esteban de la Plaza
What may happen if the equipment used to obtain the photographs is not carefuly engineered.

A new measurement system for Bioenergetics - correspondance between Igor Kononenko and Vladimir Voeikov

Abstract of Presentation by Dr. Agnnes Kraweck (Canada)
April 19 - 21, 1996 Helsinki , Finland

Colin Maxwell - has or is conducting numerological research in:

Stock Market Panics & Economic Crashes, Criminals, RCMP Officers, Monks, Marriage & Divorces, Death, Forbes 400 List - The Wealthiest 400 people in N. America, Federal Prime Ministers & Provincial Premiers of Canada, Mental Patients, Presidents & Vice-Presidents of the USA (MS Excel Chart), Racquetball Players, Murderers, Time of conception and birth problems. (Please contact me with mother's and father's birthdates, child's birthdate and date of conception if known.), Who you are and what you draw - Flower Power (with Dr. Kraweck)

Dr.Eugeniy E. Semenikhin - GDV camera & Unconventional Treatment, New May 2000 & Diagnostics and treatment tactics - Ukraine

The Memory of Water - France, December 1999

Dr. K. Korotkov (Russia)
Excel Charts: water, magnet, blood.

Bioresonant News (cancer detection - life after death) - October 1999

Dr. JM Shah (India, Russia): Powerpoint Presentation 1 (244KB) or (.pdf 21KB), Powerpoint Presentation 2 (717KB) or (.pdf 40KB)

Vadim Bondarev: Monopulse Plasmagraphy of Human Being & Registration of Energetic Phenomena

Alexandre Costa: (In Portuguese) - A KIRLIANGRAFIA, SUA ORIGEM E UTILIDADE, (In English) - Machine translation - Kirlian Photography, It's origin and use.

Ricardo Rojas: (Peru / Seattle, USA) - Introduction to the ISYS model (.doc 147KB) or (.pdf 68KB)

Send us any research or observations you have made and we will add it to the list. It can be in a language other than English. I will post the original and a machine translation version into English, if no other translation is available. All the materials above are copyrighted by their respective authors. Please request permission from them before using.  Colin Maxwell

Kirlian Photography
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