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LifeElectric 2003 Pathway to Illumination March 29,30, 2003
   - Colin Maxwell Agnnes Kraweck   January 20, 2003
Our next conference is almost upon us. Go to for more details and registration.

Holistic Intuition Society Meetings
   - Agnnes Kraweck   October 14, 2001
The Holistic Intuition Society is holding its monthly meeting every 3rd Wednesday of each month at Eastwood Community Hall, 11803 86th Street, Edmonton, Alberta. Admission is $6.00. Time 7pm. October 2001 speakers are Kanttie Panchmmatia BE, ME and Dr Agnnes Kraweck.

New shopping cart for Wachters products
   - Agnnes Kraweck   March 18, 2001
Check out our new shopping cart system for Wachters Nutritional Products based on a blend of different species of Sea Vegetation.

LifeElectric 2001 - Passport to Enlightenment
   - Colin Maxwell and Agnnes Kraweck   January 24, 2001
Information about the conference and registration forms are now on line at .

Simple test to see if you will be alive 5 years from now!
   - Colin Maxwell   September 18, 2000
Heart Rate Recovery After Exercise
Summary: Recent research in the U.S. found that a delayed decrease in the heart rate during the first minute after graded exercise is a powerful predictor of overall mortality. See details.

LifeElectric 2001 - Passport to Enlightenment
   - Colin Maxwell Agnnes Kraweck   September 15, 2000
Our next LifeElectric conference will be August 24,25, 26, 2001 here in Edmonton. Information will be posted at in the next few weeks.

Ghost, entities, phenomena, appartitions
   - Colin Maxwell   June 11, 2000
Check out our new section on ghosts

New Hosting Package
   - Colin Maxwell   March 31, 2000
Check out the hosting link (bottom left) and see the great offer we have to put you on the web with your own domain name. Never change email addresses again!

Weird Science
   - Colin Maxwell   January 12, 2000
Watch Videon TV on Tuesday January 18, 2000 at 6pm for an interview with Colin Maxwell on the show "Weird Science"

New discussion forum
   - Colin Maxwell   December 11, 1999
Welcome to our new discussion forum on Acupuncture, hosted by Neil Blacklock (UK). Click on "Forums" on the left panel.

System Crash - Lost News Items
   - Colin Maxwell   October 22, 1999
My apologies, but a few news items posted over the last week were lost due to a system glitch. Please repost your message.

Numerology: Theory and Practice
   - Colin Maxwell   October 20th, 1999
An audio tape of the presentation by Colin Maxwell at Grant MacEwan College to the Health Practitioners Class is now available.

Transformational Workshop
   - Colin Maxwell and Agnnes Kraweck   November 14th 1999 Sunday 10am
Click on seminars at left for more details on our upcoming Transformational Workshop using Kirlian Photography, Numerology, and Drawing on Sunday Nov 14th.

Web Site update
   - Matthew Meier   October 22, 1999
A new news and link script has been implemented on this site. The news display looks slightly different and extra files for monitoring news and link post numbers has been updated.
(Couple Guys Consulting:

Wayne Gretzky' Retirement and his number 99
   - Colin Maxwell   October 22, 1999
Watch for an article by Darcy Anderson of the Edmonton Sun on Friday Oct 1 1999. Comments from Colin about why Wayne used the number 99 (Calculate the number of his name and you'll see)

New upcoming discussion forum
   - Colin Maxwell   October 22, 1999
A new feature at our site will be a discussion forum for Energy, Aura, Kirlian Photography, & Numerology. It should be up and running in the next few weeks, keep watching.

Triskaidekaphobia and Friday 13th.
   - Colin Maxwell   August 13, 1999
Watch A-Channel TV News tonight (Friday 13th) at 5pm for an recorded interview with Numberologist Colin Maxwell.

New web site and features.
   - Colin Maxwell   August 11, 1999
Welome everyone to our new site. Many new features are being added, please look around and leave your comments on our new comments section.

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