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LifeElectric 2003
Agnnes Kraweck -   Aura for Health
Colin Maxwell -   Numberologist

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LifeElectric '99

LE_99/Logo.jpg An International Presentation by Practitioners & Researchers on Energy, Aura, & Kirlian Photography May 1999
Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th, Optional Workshop Monday 17th

Our next Conference August 24, 25, 26, 2001 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at Delta Hotel - Edmonton South

Audio & Video Tapes (MS Excel or .pdf order forms) are now available of the presentations at LifeElectric99 even if you weren't there, as is the official Book of Speaker Presentations. The feedback we have been getting about LifeElectric99 has been fantastic; from the speakers, the exhibit booths, and the public attending. Some examples:

Wow! - This has been the best conference I have ever attended. - A perfect conference, perfectly organized. - After 3 days at the conference, I look 5 years younger and feel 10 years younger. - Just phenomenal, electrifying! It has opened up so many areas of my life, I don't know where to begin. Thank You. - This has been the only conference I have attended where there was no competition, everyone supported one another. Awesome weekend, the benefits of which will be felt for a long time to come. - Please get two lecture rooms next year, and longer speaking times. - I loved this conference! - I can't thank you enough for doing it. - I was not aware until this conference of the many things brought forth. - Powerful & exciting. - Which presentation was the most outstanding, simple they're all tops! - You should have these more often. Thank you for having the conference and thank you for organizing it in a very fine fashion.
If you missed LifeElectric99, and want to catch a glimpse of the energy around the whole event, then get the audio or video tapes above. There are special discounted prices for the complete set of Audio or Video tapes.

Agnnes Kraweck and Colin Maxwell Click on either picture to view the full size image. Speakers at LifeElectric99
Agnnes Kraweck & Colin Maxwell invite you to our next conference: send us your email or other contact information and we will let you know about next year's conference in 2001.

Volunteers World Wide Directory of Researcher Practitioners

Objective: This presentation is for anyone involved or interested in Kirlian Photography, the human aura, bioenergetics, health, psychology, and emerging technologies. WE WELCOME YOU TO THE MEETING OF THE MINDS! Topics of discussion, demonstrations, and papers to be presented:
  • 4 types of Aura & Kirlian camera (full body to fingertip) from Russia, Germany, and Canada.
  • Entities (The dead, dying, or angels around you).
  • Hypnotherapy and energy change.
  • Acupuncture and Kirlian Photography.
  • Knowing the energy field around you.
  • Using Qi Gong, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Massage etc. in energy balancing.
  • Scientific and Practical Application of Kirlian Photography in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  • Kirlian effect in Parapsychology, Gem Therapy, Hypnosis, Prayer and Meditation.
  • Kirlian Photography application in  light and sound stimulation.
  • Kirlian Effect & Nutritional Therapies.
  • Spiritual & Pranic Energy in Healing.
  • Vital Force disconnection or connection.
  • Your Attitude and Your Health.

PREPARE TO SHARE IN '99 FOR THE NEXT MILLENNIUM Presenters will be drawn from practitioners and researchers in over 40 countries. Optional Workshop Monday May 17th.
  • A new 35mm film attachment for The Kirlian Aura Kamera™ will be demonstrated.
  • How to apply Kirlian Photography to health issues.
  • A new tool for Energy Assessment will be demonstrated.
  • A certificate will also be given for attendance at this lecture.
  • Looking for new ideas? This workshop will offer you many ideas and new skills in working with Kirlian Photography and a deeper understanding of human energy implementing the Universal Law of Attraction.
  • Presented by Dr. Agnnes Kraweck & Colin Maxwell.
Today's inspirational idea is the fuel for tomorrow's greatest success! To succeed as a leader today, it is imperative that you have a vision beyond what is. Take control, focus, tap into, and build on  the potential of every idea. Think quickly and accurately. Get original ideas to flow naturally and make better choices.
Our survival into the next millennium will require new vision and focused direction that will foster and nurture new ideas, and give new inspirational challenges in technologies for this transition.

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