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"Agnnes, you are awesome! Your words are inspirational. You have changed my life already as I have seen you before."
posted by: Sherry Esch on May 15, 2001

"Thanks Colin, Since you helped me change my signature, I have been getting a lot more work and longer-term contracts ... have been working on a contract and it will probably be finishing in a few months. I am making a lot more money now."
posted by: Brenda F. on February 9, 2001

posted by: CARLOS E CHAVEZ FRIAS on September 25, 2000

"Dear Agnnes & Colin:

I want to congratulate both of you for first of all having the idea for the Conference and secondly for organizing it in a very fine fashion! It gave us all the opportunity to come together and listen to exciting new thoughts and leave with new ‘data’ to chew upon!

I just want to say how thankful I am to both of you, as I feel you have both been a most important influence in my life over the past 18 or so years! It must make you both feel very satisfied to know how many times you have had the opportunity to plant seeds and then let the Universe take care of them, yet knowing that all is well.

I want thank you again for a wonderful conference. I hope that you will consider planning another one.
Much happiness and many Blessings to you both.
Warmest regards

posted by: Marge Runka on June 15, 2000

étant thérapeute je suis a la recherche pour acquisition d'un appareil qui me
permettrais dans mon cabinet de faire des bilans de santé en vue
de travailler ultérieurement sur les différents corps.
Vos appareils sont t'il conçus pour cela ?
Merci de me renseigner par mail
L'acquisition est-elle possible en France.
si oui quels sont les tarifs en francs français.
André Gilet"
posted by: André Gilet on May 2, 2000

posted by: Sadie Williams on April 11, 2000

"Hi Colin, Years ago I got a new name from you, it changed my life, I went from poor and single to married and wealthy, I changed my profession from teaching to law. I sit for my bar exam next month. You do good work. I would like your assistance again, this time for a world class writer's name ...."
posted by: Gabriole Z. on January 28, 2000

"Agnnes when I first got to know you 10 years ago, I was so sick and so tired I could not work. Now 10 years later I am full of energy and working full time. Thank you for the nutritional and energy advice and for introducing me to the Wachter products and the Microhydrin from Royal Body Care."
posted by: Helmut Schock on December 23, 1999

"I was thrilled after my visit to your website."
posted by: Suresh Cavale - India on October 12, 1999

"This really brings my hopes up. Very interesting & thought provoking. Tremendous energy. Very helpful in understanding one's life. Very informative - and a bit scary! You were dead on! This made me feel good. I want to learn more. Wonderful information. This substantiates my strong belief system. Very insightful and right on! I want more. You know me too well. Very enlightening. This made me think about a more "spiritual" side of life. Accurate diagnosis. Awesome & very fascinating. Really enjoyed it. The photo system is a very good method of showing physically the invisible power in our lives.
posted by: Comments from participants at previous Transformational Semi on October 6, 1999

"Wow! - This has been the best conference I have ever attended. - A perfect conference, perfectly organized. - After 3 days at the conference, I look 5 years younger and feel 10 years younger. - Just phenomenal, electrifying! It has opened up so many areas of my life, I don't know where to begin. Thank You. - This has been the only conference I have attended where there was no competition, everyone supported one another. Awesome weekend, the benefits of which will be felt for a long time to come. - Please get two lecture rooms next year, and longer speaking times. - I loved this conference! - I can't thank you enough for doing it. - I was not aware until this conference of the many things brought forth. - Powerful & exciting. - Which presentation was the most outstanding, simple they're all tops! - You should have these more often. Thank you for having the conference and thank you for organizing it in a very fine fashion. "
posted by: LifeElectric99 - May 1999 on October 4, 1999

"Dear Dr. Kraweck, I was at the conference in Jasper on Sept 23-26, 99, and had the pleasure of attending your eye-opening lecture. I would love to have a session with you, and thank you for all the insight into life I received at your lecture."
posted by: Carolee Neudorf - Lethbridge, Alberta on September 30, 1999

"What a great site you have!"
posted by: Christopher Wodtke - Holocene on September 29, 1999

"Well this web-site is very fantastic, I would like to find out information about your aura products, please send me imformation as soon as posible."
posted by: Salomon on August 27, 1999

"This new layout is simply amazing! keep up the good work Colin and Agnnes."
posted by: Anonymous on August 12, 1999

"I picked up my package last night and I after going through it this morning, I just want to say thank you very much! Very interesting information! I want to give the same thing as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine."
posted by: Patie Karmensky on May 24, 1999

"Couldn't live without my DayTracker."
posted by: Martha on May 24, 1999

"A client of mine enthusiastically shared her Profile with me yesterday..... I was very impressed with your work..... please send me mine."
posted by: Joan on May 24, 1999

"Received your DayTracker, it's great!"
posted by: Kim on May 24, 1999

"I didn't believe you Colin when you recommended that I change my business signature, and that my finances would improve. But WOW! have they ever changed. Thanks Colin."
posted by: Debora Hollick on May 24, 1999

posted by: Robin Sampson on May 24, 1999

"I'm really enjoying my Kirlian Aura Kamera, and it serves such a good need with the people. It is thanks to you for your kindly nudging to invest in the Kamera, and to do this work and so I am most grateful Agnnes"
posted by: Linda W. on May 24, 1999

"Thank you ever so much for your brilliant presentation of your paper at [the Kirlionic '98] Congress"
posted by: Crupenia Adelaida on May 24, 1999

"Great Site."
posted by: Irving Gribbish on May 24, 1999

"When I found your internet site, I had a big happy feeling because I have been waiting for about 10 years and I have wanted to study (Kirlian Photography) that long"
posted by: Gene on May 24, 1999

"I found the web site to be very informative about the different aspects of kirlian photography as well as the numerous other products you sell. Thank you for building such a large index of information as this"
posted by: Matthew Meier on May 24, 1999

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