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From the editor.

The study of bioplasmla of human being presents a difficult problem because of the structural compositions (reveallings) of bioplasma masking by gas-discharge plasma. While using of classic KIRLIAN high-frequency generator, which the most of Western firms are producing, it is difficult to separate grains from weeds of information.

The received images had much of useless information that affected the scientific treatments and concepts greatly. The author of brochure V.Bondarev successfully managed with this lacks. He has elucidated the most typical macrostructures of bioplasma of many people having different mental and parapsychic condition. The initial step to the atlas of morphic units of bioplasma is made. Variety degree of those units is infinite, though there are some re-peating elements.

The attempts to carry out registration of virtual macrostructures of bioplasma are of great scientific importance. The fact of fragmentations appearance and formation of numerous bioplasmoids during the year with high solar activity (1986-l992) is rather remarkable.

The received results testify the necessity of organisation of special service of bioplasma-graphic monitoring in order to forecast possible psycho-emotional anomalies among a large group of people, definition of abnormal zones' influence upon a human being in the places of his residing, to define human compatibility in the limits of their private life and executing of their official duties.

Such plasmagraphic monitoring is of great importance for researching of psy-energetic defects (damage, hoodoo) and of psy-energetic chimeras (unstable bioplasmodic clusters from the different people). The control of integrity of personal plasma structures and liberation the person from psy-chimeras, basing on the feedback through monopulse plasmagraphy, enables effective curing. Moreover, a healer, skilful in parapsychic practice has a real chance to control his own bioplasma structures as well as to liberate himself from psy-chimeras imposed by the patient.

Now it is clear that new horizons are opened before tile new brunch of science, where a lot of roads small and large lead.

I am sure that the brochure of V.Bondarev will be of great help to many researchers to choose their own path, which leading to truth.

Professor V. lniushin.


SOME RESULTS of experimental researching of human bioenergetics, received with help of monopulse (single-pulse) plasmagraphy method are submitted in this brochure. The main attention is paid to researching of abnormal, quickly proceeding processes, inaccessible to visual control and other methods of technical monitoring. The results not only evidently show the complexity of the processes taking place on bio-energy levels, but also open new directions in studying a problem of energy and information interactions, including remote ones.

In order to do the submitted materials more clear and accessible to a wide number of readers and not only for specialists, it is necessary to give some explanations.

1. At the present time a practice of bio-energy rehabilitation of a person has a great authority and recognition in medicine. This practice is based on experience and medicine of ancient Orient. The ancient Oriental philosophy presents the unique driving force of Oecumena (universe). It is vital energy chi in ancient China culture, and prana in ancient Indian philosophy. In both cases it is universal, basic vital energy which according to ancient philosophy, exists in macro-space as well as in micro-space in a person. The chi-energy (according to ancient China terminology) exists as an external chi and as circulating inside a human being along numerous energy channels, so-called meridians. There are so-called ‘vital points’ in the course of those meridians on the body's surface (in modern terminology - biologically active points) with the help of which the mutual energy exchange of human being and nature takes place.

It is considered that twelve main meridians perform "energy supply" of basically important organs and of functional systems of human being.

Therefore, the health of a person completely depends on harmonic circulation of energy in meridians and of its balanced exchange with exterior energy of environment. In this aspect the problems of patients' energy condition are of great importance in diagnostics, treating as well as in preventive maintenance.

The control of bioenergy condition, its visual monitoring are provided by plasma- graphic testing methods, based on "Kirlian effect".

2. The essence of "Kirlian effect" is the following. It is well known that electrical field of high intensity (a field of corona discharge) forces the subjects, placed in strong activity zone, to glow. This glow is caused by reaction of plasma body of investigated object, and for biological objects this is a reaction of bioplasma for high intensity field influence. If the investigated object is put on the photofilm, the luminous energy of corona discharge plasma will leave a photoprint on the film. This print contains a set of information about bioplasma condition, which purely defines the picture of bio-energy situation.

Some investigators call such methods as Kirlian-photo, the others - as electrophotography. We suppose it to be more correctly to use the term plasmagraphy as the most exact in reflecting the essence of method.

The experience shows that while investigating of lifeless nature objects the size and distribution of glow coronal streams are stipulated by physical parameters: by material, its electrical condition, environmental factors etc and, besides, by set parameters of exitation voltage. The alive objects bring the essential corrections to plasma structures of coronal discharge: localisation of streamers, their intensity, configuration etc,. This phenomenon is investigated and approved in the field of pathological processes indication. This phenomenon was widely described by V. Imiushm, V. Adamenko, P. Mandel and other investigators. The pathology diagnostics are carried out with the help of plasmagraphic prints of hands' and legs' fingers of a patient.

3. To receive a field of corona discharge, which causes the glow of investigated subject, various regimes of excitation are applicable (electrify, stimulate). The most of investigators prefer method of multipulse excitation or high-frequency which enables to use photo-materials of low sensitivity, to work with photo-paper.

However to reduce the influence of measuring process upon the object of research, especially upon human bioplasma, determining his biological energy condition, is necessary to minimize the influence of exiting electric field. It is possible at the expense of reduction of measuring current and reduction of excitation time. One could consider it to be optimum to use a mode of exciting as a single pulse. The monopulse mode is more sparing and it is its doubtless advantage.

Certainly the monopulse mode has its shortcomings - it needs expensive high-sensitive photo-films, such as X-ray or radiographic one, which is too expensive for any investigator today. But it is the other party of a question.

The second advantage of monopulse mode is that unique opportunity to cast a deep glance into the sphere of thin energy, of quickly proceeding processes and phenomena. And here it is necessary to pay attention to the problems "what are we photographing?", and to bring in some clearness.

First of all we certainly are interested in patients' fingers, their glow in the field of corona discharge. All of us are informed that they are very informative concerning monitoring of bioenergetics condition. However, the field of corona discharge influences upon nearest spaces and consequently, upon everything existing in this space - zone of that field activity.

And all this reacts in any way the influence of high intensity field. It is quite natural that the energy and information situation of research space varies after the first action of that pulse and every following stimulus brings up additional distortions relatively its primary condition

The multipulse plasmagraphy method gives a summary picture, i.e. the photo has several pictures, received as a result of every separate action of pulse. That is summary picture, as practice shows quite satisfactory reflects a condition of bioenergetics. But the real picture of primary condition, all material thin substations and formations inherent, dynamics of their behaviour, energetic and information manifestations, which occur at the field level - all this is broken and unmarked (unmask) by the plenty of stimulating pulses, all this remains outside of researcher's sight.

To see thin material forms, to fix the quickly proceeding processes on the photofilm - that is the opportunity given to the researcher by monopulse plasmagraphy.

On the extent of many years the bio-energy researches of extra-sensitive phenomena of a human being are carried out at the bio-physical department of Kazakh State University. Professor V. Iniushin heads those research works. It is real interest to paranormal phenomena, high professionalism, correct treatment of phenomena and kind attitude to the people who had met the phenomenon - all this forms proper conditions for realisation of research work and inflow of people who want to examine their extra-sensitive abilities. The examination, as a rule, begins with plasmagraphic control of bio-energy situation.

As a result of numerous experiments it is provided that corona glow's of healthy person's fingers has entire picture, without any essential breaks, the streamers are curly, about of identical length, and are distributed at regular intervals (photo 1,2). Those are the attributes of satisfactory bio-energy situation.

Unfortunately, in practice we have rather different picture. Many people, who felt abnormal phenomenon, as a rule, come to our faculty. Their "abnormality" brought them to the necessity «to cure». Practically all of them consider themselves to be extra-senses or healers some of them are contactors. However, there are no precise borders. As a rule, plasmagraphic indication shows erosion (disintegration) of their bio-energy situations so their inclination to energetic communication through so called "treatment or cure" is stipulated by those infringements (photo 3-5). This corona glow's entirety tells us about infringements of bioplasma emission, which cause various pathology.

Only within last 6 years we have examined more than two thousand people: both men and women, children and people of advanced age. The analyses shows that energy of meridians, reflecting mental condition, is deformed in the first instants. In some cases on the background of deformed energy, additional abnormal plasma struclules take place. Those plasma sructures (morphology) often form rows (photo 6,7) or ordered congestions in a zone of corona discharge (photo 8-10) or outside of it (photo 11-13). In some cases those plasma formations are of large size (photo 14,15). At rather large magnification one can evidently see their plasma nature (photo 16,17), nucleus of plasmoids are enveloped by a luminous shell or, probably, ionised gas (photo 18).

In order to check up the version of casual electrostatic discharge reveals, some special experiments were performed. Those experiments were failed. It wasn’t possible to get something similar experimentally.

Quite possible, those plasma structures are emitted from within and appear as a result of physic and energy matrix of subject degradation, and in fact, they are the fragments of that destruction.

It is not a secret that such land of people often is on the verge of frustration and they are the patients of the appropriate medical institutions. This piquant detail brings in serious difficulties in research works. Here is a particular example (photo 19). On the left one can see plasmagraphic print of a contractor’s finger. Contactor's mentality is calm. On the right side we can see the moment of "entering to contact". We can see the process of corona entirety degradation and of bioplasmoids appearance.

However, there are some other variants of that plasma genesis. Here are two interesting examples. The first one shows the moment of plasmoids beginning as a result of some substance disintegration (crash, detonation). This substance is near the finger at the moment of shooting and obviously it is the "building material" (photo 20). It makes us to think that those plasma formations are of "foreign" origin.

The second example shows plasmoids, rising from the same point where bioplasma streamers rise (photo 21). It induces an idea that the different events (formations) can have different origin.

Sometimes plasma formations leave plenty of surprising traces and tracks on the film. It gives the possibility to speak about their high energetic potential (photo 22-26).

It is specific that manifestation (demonstration) of this phenomenon was actively observed during 1991-1992 years, the time of solar activity peak fading. Here it is necessary to notice that similar appearance (phenomenon) took place in earlier times, but they were qualified as artifact (arte-factus), and hadn't been pay intent attention to. In our days that phenomenon reveals itself extremely rare.

Deformations of corona glow, externally similar to a trace of drops,are of great interest. Most of all those deformations are seen in the place of a finger and film contact. They couldn't be stipulated by the presence of some formations in this place, (photo 27-30). Having met the bioplasms streamers, they prevent their passage (photo 31, 31a). As far as those formations reveal themselves by glow - they have their own capacity (electric), and it means their material nature. It is remarkable that repeated photographing doesn't reveal any such formations. Possibly they are instantly disintegrated under the effect of the very first pulsing or disappear quickly. In sach case there is a question what are they doing near fingers, strictly at the point of beginnings and ends of energy channels? Aren't they parasitizing in our energy?!. (photo 32) Looking at this photo it is difficult to suppose any variants of fortuity. It is time to recall that extra-sensitive people (healers) carefully shaking their hands having finished the work with the patients. Suppositional those "parasites" cling to their fingers' aren't they?

Here is a specific example. A woman of 38 years old is registered in psychic-neuralgic centre, her physical condition is very bad - she is emaciated. Her diagnosis let it be a medical secret. We shall only have a look at her bioenergetics (photo 33).

Oh, here is the cause other being emaciated here are those who drink her blood, who "eats her away", who makes havoc her energy and mentality (photo 34). It looks as if all noises about numerous energy vampires were truthful.

Certainly you may reproach the author for an excessive emotionality or for rashness in passing sentence. Yes there are no objections, but there are arguments. After contacts with those bearers of phenomenon, the author felt discomfort and indisposition. Several times he has fixed the presence of those foreign "unbidden guests» on the plasmographic prints of his own fingers. It is good the author has an opportunity to control his bioenergetic condition and to take preventing measures if necessary.

The idea of alive forms variety isn't new. Many years ago K. Tziolkovsky asserted that our environment is inhabited with essences of plasma nature. The academician V. Kaznatcheev speaks about non-biological forms of life. And here are the photos. It looks like we have got acquainted with those "other forms»... Of course it is necessary to process it carefully - to study and to prove, to argue and to doubt. I want to emphasize (lay stress on) that the method of monopulse plasmagraphy gives an unique opportunity to penetrate deeply into invisible word of thin energetic interactions, literally to light out, to see its "inhabitants" and to traces their actions (revealing). By the way, before the invention of magnifying glass, people could only suspect the presence of viruses and other microscopic "denizens". The plasma formations though they are not so small couldn't be visible by average eye because of their low material density, but they reveal themselves, by glow in the field of corona discharge. They could be rather solid in size (photo 35) and often they go out of picture limits (photo 36-38). Here a lot of questions arise.

Certainly it is a pity we have no chance to take in a "plasmagraphic glance" all over the space. It is a pity we have no sufficiently effective technologies of volumetric Kirlian- photography or any other methods of volumetric viewing of such phenomena. We have only a projection or in other words, a section of a part of space, extremely limited by the size of a photo-film. We work with extremely economic format - 75xl33 mm. It is necessary to observe these formations in whole width, length and volume in order to study them.

Therefore there is a paramount problem - to find the method of volumetric photography. We have used the "sandwich" method of photographing a kind of "plasmagraphic tomography". The very first experiments gave us stunning results! But first of all I must say about one more phenomenon, revealled (come out) in the process of our work.

We have a lot of plasmagraphic prints (more than one thousand) of human fingers. Those people had been examined at our department. Judging by the prints there exists many extraordinary reveals on the background of deformed energy. Naturally , we have analysed, classified and grouped them. Let us see some of such photos (photo 39-44). All of them have one remarkable feature: the oppression of streamers' corona takes place on the background of additional "phantom" (conditional name) formations. And the most remarkable - those "phantom" formations are fixed on the back side of the photographic film.

Probably, it is necessary to explain that the X-ray photographic film we use in our work, is bilateral, i. e. it has photo emulsion on both its sides. The superficial corona discharge, which forms the picture of streamers distribution, stipulated by electrical capacity of fingers and by bioplasma condition, takes place on the right side of the film, where the fingers are pressed to. That is a "plasmagraphic portrait" of one's energy condition. The phantom glow appears only on the wrong side of the film and it puzzled us.

The version of possible damp or aerosol emission from fingers, taking place on the background of increased psychic - neural reaction and stimulated by the field of high intensity, was primary put forward. This version is no doubt, attractive because of its rationalism, but presence of glow image on the wrong side calls it (version) in question. Experimental photographing in rubber gloves has dispelled all doubts. Experiment has shown that phenomenon reveals itself while using the rubber gloves as well as without the gloves. In parallel there were performed some experiments with deliberate humidifying and wetting of fingers and they have shown the additional confirmation of all this "wet" inventions bankruptcy.

But judging by those photos it is possible to make a preliminary conclusions to note at least a fact the more pronounced is the phenomenon of "phantom" glow, the more is suppressed and deformed the bioenergetics of the organism.

Here is another fact. Most of you know the situation when the healer states that all the patient's "channels are littered". And now a question arises whether the channels and meridians of a person are littered with those "phantom" substances. If yes it is then another question arises: What for is it necessary?.. By the way, we have already assumed the presence of parasitizing formations (photo 45-47).

Numerous experiments have evidently and convincingly proved that energetic system, burdened with so specific "complaint" needs in bio-energy rehabilitation, manual biological correction and so on.

Sometimes in the case of insignificant defeat the biological energy could be restored quite quickly. In some cases the foreign substance disappears just after the first photographing. It is remarkable that the second hand is cleared too. But more often we can see another thing.

Let us consider a particular case, when parasitizing substance (we develop this version) is introduced "deeply and densely".

The young person of 20 years old, active in sports, in bodybuilding. What is the diagnosis? There is no diagnosis, only suppositions. He didn't apply to the doctors. The fear, the insomnia, the internal anxiety were the symptoms of the problem.

Well, let us consider a plasmagraphic "portrait" of the athlete's energy (photo 48). The absolute absence of glow corona has immediately confirmed the validity of his anxiety. The energy of that person was blocked completely, it is obvious fact. There are all reasons to believe that all his energetic channels are really blocked by foreign parasitizing substation. It is necessary to carry out bioenergetics rehabilitation - "to clean" his bio-energy system and then to see the results of plasmagraphy.

Just after the first procedure of bio-energy stimulation the process of cleaning begins. First of all we have noticed the reaction of exited foreign substation (photo 49-50), but bioenergetics were still blocked, but after the third stimulation we could see the first streamers of coronal glow arising under the index finger. The energy channels started to be opened (photo 51). After some procedures channels are cleaned, energy began to work (photo 52).

Here we accent your attention on the version of super-easy alive substation, parasitizing on the human energy existence. The above mentioned experiment confirms it convincingly.

Here is one more experiment, the main essence of which is to define of that «foreign>> substitution's ability to be transferred from one subject to another. The role of "other subject" that is "the receiver" of this parasitizing substation was played by the author. Before beginning of experiments I took off the picture of my "energy" (photo 53).

The program of experiments varies in an interval from long-distanced psy-energy interactions to direct contact. The condition of participants' energy is controlled at each stage. An example of close-distanced interaction (primary stage) research is given on the photo 54. After two-minute contact the "illusive" substations of donor has got over the fingers of experimenters and his energy condition became of rather pitiable kind. Experiment has evidently shown a high lability and virulence of that foreign parasitizing substance, a kind of "psy-energetic" infection. Really - whom you are communicating with - from that you will be typed. It is necessary to add that similar «infection» occurs at more distanced interactions.

And nevertheless the question of that foreign parasitizing substance genesis remains open. There is another side of a question - in what manner this substance (or its reflection?) occurs on the other side of the photographic film? All the ideas of its "super-fineness", "super-penetrability" and other "super"-abilities remain without the proof even at the presence of such evidential and urgent experimental confirmation. The idea of sandwich plasmagraphy (plane, projection) was born as a result of those experiments.

Not touching the technical details of that idea realisation let us address to the results of monopulse plasmagraphy, which was executed in two levels (photo 56a, 56b).

In the first case we can see the familiar picture of bio-energy situation, suppressed by «illusive» substation. On the second photography (that is photographic film) there is a clear picture of energetic interactions which take place distantly at a field level - original projections of energy flows. Purely we have seen the fact that assumed to see: natural origin of energy.

Further experiments have shown that those phenomenon takes place if the patient's energy is suppressed by "illusive parasitizing substance". Here is another example of such 'phantoms presence at two levels (photo 57a-57h).

Now it is clear that appearance (revealing) of «phantom» parasitizing substance on the wrong side of a photo-film is stipulated by the field nature of phenomenon. Probably it is time to remove the screen and to tell openly that above mentioned young athletic man, physically healthy has addressed to me, not to the doctors, because of his belief in his "hoodoo". And a lot of another patients came to us being concerned by the popular diagnosis - hoodoo (overlooking).

Hoodoo (to overlook). I. In superstitious representations

- to damage (injure) somebody by a bad eye, to spite by a sight.

2. To cause bad by praises, predictions. Spoilage. In popular belief- damage as a result of bewitchment (diabolism).

(S. ozhecjov, The Russian Language Dictionary)

The numerous results of people inspections burdened with such problem, visual plas-magraphic control of their bioplasma unequivocally show the reality of problem which obviously stands out of superstitious representation forms. However it is not necessary to search for causer (author) outside the problem. It runs out of numerous religious and philosophical doctrines. No doubt, this problem is difficult and multiform - its roots are in the depths of mental structures, in the world of thin energy actions and their interactions. Let us have a look at one more plasmagraphic print of energy situation, revealed distantly on the second level (photo 58). The picture itself (its image in emulsion layer of a photographic film) is, no doubt, stipulated by ionised energy of air particulars. As for picture's structure - it is stipulated by interaction of induced information fields and by its own energy flows (prana), characteristic to the researched subject at the current moment (photo 58a, 58h). One can see that different fingers have different structural organisation of fields. They do not look alike. And we remember that different meridians give energy to different organs.

Those photos give evident representation about depth of penetration of Oriental national medicine into the top secret of secrets of human bioenergetics.

It is possible to refer to one of the ancient Tibetan-Chinese curative system "Shou-In" ("seal of hand" - A. Kuzmin), in which the special reception of fingers texture, grinding by many-age-old experience redistribute energy chi flows in the meridians. By means of this method a high curative effect was achieved and spiritual experience was comprehended. In the culture of Indian YOGA those receptions are known as "mudra". No doubt that the problems of popular believes (hoodoo, overlooking, damage, vampirism) and of those things connected with energy-informative processes, which take place in human body, were reflected in those really wise systems.

We shall finish this brief reviews with demonstration of one more plasmagraphic print, evidently showing the difference of energy flows of different fingers of the same hand. With the help of the photo we want to show perspicacity and depth of Oriental medical and philosophical doctrines, to emphasize the topicality of bio-energy rehabilitation and, certainly, to demonstrate new possibilities and perspectives of monopulse plasmagraphy once again.


Photo 1. The plasmagraphic print of fingers of a hand of a healthy person. It is good balanced bioenergetics.

Bondarev_Photo1.jpg (18859 bytes)

Photo 2. Coronal glow has no essential visible breaks. The streamers are of about identical size and are distributed in regular intervals.

Bondarev_Photo2.jpg (15464 bytes)

Photo 3. It is small infringements of integrity of coronal glow.

Bondarev_Photo3.JPG (33576 bytes)

Photo 4. Such picture tells about essential infringements of energetic system.

Bondarev_Photo4.jpg (26646 bytes)

Photo 5. It is extremely suppressed bioenergetics. Practically there is no enough issue of bioplasma.

Bondarev_Photo5.jpg (11378 bytes)

Photo 6. These are numerous plasma structures in a zone of corona discharge. 8.12.91.

Photo 7. Plentiful number of plasma structures. 6.01.92.

Photo 8,9,10. Ordered groups of plasmoids in a zone of corona discharge.

Photo 11,12,13. Numerous plasma structures outside of a crown of the discharge.

Photo 14,15. The real size ofplasmoids sometimes reaches several mm.

Photo 16,17. At sufficient magnification a plasma nature of these formations is visible through.

Photo 18. The nucleuses of the plasmoids are covered with the shell of ionized gas. (x 20) Photo 19. The plasmagraphic photo of an anonymous "contacter's" finger. On the left: he is in a quiet condition, on the right - in a moment of "entry in a contacts". 07.12.91. Photo 20. Process of plasmoids appearance as a result of destruction of some substation, being near the finger.

Photo 21. An output of abnormal plasmoids and bioplasma's streamers from one point.

Photo 22. The flight of a plasma body, desintegrating into fine (dusty) fractions.

Photo 23. Sometimes the plasma formations leave surprising stamps. 17.12.91

. Photo 24. A single trace in a zone of corona dicharge glow. 17.01.91.

Photo 25. The flight of a single plasmoid. The size is real. 09.10.93.

Photo 26. Traces of plasma structures' activity.

Photo 27-30. Examples of registration of "thin-material" {extra-easy) foreign formations near the fingers.

Photo 31. The streamer meets a foreign body on its way. 11.07.92.

Photo 3 la. The foreign body interferes the free passage of a streamer.

Photo 32. What can you see under a finger at the moment of exhibiting? May be it is more correctly to ask: "Whom can you see?"

Photo 33. Strongly damaged energy of a psychic-neuralgic centre's patient. 15.04.95.

Photo 34. Here is that who is guilty!.. And the doctors couldn't guess what kind of process occurs in the tips of fingers of the patients, (x 2.5)

Photo 35. Has this plasamoid already left the finger or didn't reach it yet?

Photo 36. Here is the question "What is that and where is it directed?" Judging by the streamers presence it is something material.

Photo 37. The real sizes of a plasma body are not known: they are out of picture's frame. On the top part of the photo we can see only a part of its luminous contour. The process of its partial destruction under the influence of high intensity field is rather visible.

Photo 38. One more example of plasmagraphic registration of large plasma formation which is out of the frame. The unusual light-and-shadow contrast of streamers attract one's attention. It is caused, probably, by particularity of accming from energy processes.

Photo 39. A poorly expressed "phantom's" glow. 2.05.93.

Photo 40. A strongly expressed "phantom's" glow. 2.05.93.

Photo 41. Sometimes the "phantom" formations are precisely shaped as in the cases of the second and fourth fingers of the left hand. 03.12.94.

Photo 42,43,44. Examples of energy situation, suppressed by «phantom» formations.

Photo 45. The "phantom" substation blocks issue of bioplasma, thus suppresses energy of organism.

Photo 46. The substation of these formations is similar and while approachment (bring together) has a propensity for merging.

Photo 47. An example of two "phantom" formations merged.

Photo 48. Complete absence of bioplasma's emission. The energy is blocked by invisible foreign substation. 17.01 .97.

Photo 49. The bio-energy situation after the first procedure of energetic stimulation remains suppressed.

Photo 50. After the second stimulation the foreign substation reveals itself and begins "to leave" out.

Photo 51. After the third procedure of bio-energy stimulation the first streamers of coronal glow has appeared.

Photo 52. The process of bio-energy rehabilitation is completed. The bio-energy system of a patient is cleared from foreign presence.

Photo 53. The author's energy before the experiment.

Photo 54. The control of distant interaction. The initial stage.

Photo 55. After two-minute distant "contact" the energy situation of the experimenter became lamentable. Experiment has evidently demonstrated high lability and virulence of this substation. 12.02.97.

Photo 56a. The contact plasmagraphy shows a picture of energy, suppressed by "phantom" substation.

Photo 56b. The distant plasmagraphy of the same energy situation registers (displays) a peculiar «slice» (section, plane) of energy flows. 1.02.97.

Photo 57a. One more example of energy suppressed by presence of "phantoms".

Photo 57b. The presence of energy flows is fixed again in the second level.

Photo 58. The energetic flows of different fingers of the same hand can have completely different structural organisation.

Photo 58a. It is "energy" (prana) of little finger.

Photo 58b. It is "energy" (prana) of an anonymous finger.

Photo 59. "A seal of hand". Four fingers - four different energy (prand) flows. 31.03.97.



Vadim Bondarev Koktem 3, d.1, k.33, Almaty, 480090, Kazahstan

tel: 7 3272 477346 fax: 7 3272 635306 E-mail:

The representation about original to driving force of the universe is inherent in ancient east philosophy. In ancient Chinese culture it is vital energy chi, in indian philosophy it prana - primary source, life-giving breath. West names it orgon ( Wilhelm Reich). Both in that, and in the other case is the universal, basic Vital energy or Vital force, which, agrees to ancient representations, exists both in makrokosmos, and in microkosm - in the person. A harmonious current of energy in organizm (system) of the person and balanced it's an exchange with energy of an environment - here a main pledge of good health. Moreover, in alternative medicine it - this Vital energy is widely used for treatment of various illnesses and she(it) literally displays herself elixir in hands of a healer. However to see VITAL force is given to each. Only elected - yogas, the monks and extra-sensies have this wonderful ability. All attempts of visualization it's (prana or energy) with the help of means, including with the help of a Kirlian-photo, did not give convincing, evident results. And this fact orthodox sceptics always formed the basis for disbelief and denying. I want to inform some results of the experiments which are carried out(spent) for this direction.

In practice of Kirlian-diagnostics the fingers of the surveyed person, as a rule, are put directly to a photographic film. As a result of excitation the field of high intensity of fingers arises the decaying discharge, which is finished by the superficial discharge leaving on a photographic film a print as a crown of a luminescence. As the practice of numerous experiments shows, the crown of a luminescence of fingers comprises the rather complete information on a condition of biopower system of the person, as is a basis for all biopower researches. Some researchers, not penetrating into essence of physical processes, crown of a luminescence wrongly name aura.

For registration of display of power flows outgoing from fingers of hands, I use the untraditional circuit with application additional photo-film, put in some distance from fingers. In such statement of experiment on second film power displays as a local luminescence (photo 1) frequently are registered.

On the top staff (photo 1a) shown plasmagraphy a print of the superficial discharge. Below, on the staff b and c - prints of a luminescences displayed on second, additional film. The luminescence is registered on both parties films. As it is visible, these local luminescences correspond(meet) to an arrangement of fingers, being original their projection. However it is necessary to note, that the luminescence arises, first, not always and not under each finger, and, secondly, the phenomenon is displayed from both parties film, rather, is original.

These luminescences are not always displayed as amorphous cloudlet. More often pictures representing as though a projections various structural - organize of flows. Here an example (photo 2).

The observable picture, probably, is caused by a luminescence of the ionized gas, actuated by a field high constraint (intension). The specificity of a figure, is provided with electrostatic forces coronal of the discharge and structural organization of space appropriate to power flows.

A number of experiments on research of shielding properties of various materials was made. Experiments on research of dependence of display of a phenomenon from temperature, humidity, force of pressing and from other factors also were carried out(spent). Particular(specific) dependence of display of a phenomenon on the checked up factors is not revealed. Nor is revealed of particular(specific) dependence of display of a phenomenon on a condition of biopower noticed in a picture of the superficial discharge. But there are facts of display of dependence of a phenomenon from a psychological condition of the subject. At the same person the picture of projections is changeable (photo 3).

Such their inconstancy has resulted in a think(idea) to develop(unwrap) pictures in time. The experiments were carried out(spent) with use of a multipulse mode of excitation, packs till 8-16 of pulses with frequency of following 30 and 50 hertz. Here an example plasmagraphic of registration of display of power flows in one of such experiments (photo 4). Here inconstancy of a picture of projections, and instability of their display at once is visible also. With the closer(attentive) approach it is possible to allocate a number of the interesting moments, however to discuss results of these experiments and to do(make) any conclusions, I think, while is premature. But, I think, these experiments give evident confirmation " power " to the concepts of Ancient East.

As is known, the basis of systems of improvement of ancient east is made by(with) work with flows of energy. So, for example, in ancient Tibet-Chinese system Shou-In (on A.Kuzmin is translated as a seal of a hand) special receptions of an interlacing of fingers grinded by centuries-old experience, the flows of Vital energy in meridians are redistributed, than the healing-improving effect is reached(achieved) and the spiritual experience is comprehended. In culture indian yogas these device we are known as are mudras.

In end I want to show one photo (photo 5). It evidently demonstrates, as far as the power flows (prana) different fingers of one hand can be various. By display of this photo, however, as well as all previous, I would like to emphasize depth of penetration mages of Ancient East in secret secrets of biopower of the person, in most secret it bosom. And, certainly, to demonstrate new opportunities and to pay attention to opening prospects of biopower researches with the help of a method monopulse plasmagraphy.

"KIRLIONICS, WHITE NIGHTS 98", Saint-Petersburg, 18-22 June 1998.