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Opportunities of use of researches on "GDV-Camera" for creation of new nonconventional methods of treatment

About opportunities of using results of the researches, which have been executed with the device "GDV-Camera", for creation of new nonconventional methods of treatment.


Medical Academy of Spiritual Development "MADRA"

Private clinic of psychotherapy and east medicine "Yrusvati"

Ukraine, Dniepropetrovsk


Not only the early diagnostics, selection of individual therapy and quality surveillance of treatment are nearest task of modern medicine, but also selection of methods directed on improvement of health of the man and the prevention of occurrence of diseases. The performance of these tasks can be helped by a technique of gas-discharge visualization (GDV) on the device "GDV-Camera".

"GDV-CAMERA" allows not only to select an individual orientation of a technique, but also to supervise a status of the patient during treatment with providing of our method of treatment Ė Autogenic Meditational Psychotherapy (AMP), the patent of Ukraine №22611А, based on training initial step of meditation - concentration. Also, after the basic course, it allows to control effectivity of supporting treatment, based on the data received on the device and prevent repeated occurrence of clinical symptoms. Based on the more than 200 supervision can be seen, that the proof improvement of parameters GDV-grammas, increasing during treatment, is observed during treatment. Katamnes of supervision of 50 patients has shown proof improvement of parameters in three months at 89 % of the patients who are regularly carrying out the given recommendations.†††

By us were surveyed 30 patients (10 children and 20 adults) with a various pathology, expressed as clinical, as at inspection on the device "CDV-Camera" for research of action by pray and mantra. The patients with changed (pathological) energy-physiological condition were selected. As a result of research is revealed, that 100 % of children had restoration or amplification of energy potential during pray within 2 minutes in zones of head, throat, spine, thick intestines, heart, circulation of blood, lymph, hypophysis, nervous and uro-genital systems; at 80 % - in zones hypothalamus, endocrine system, kidneys; at 70 % - in zones of a liver and broncholungs system; at 50 % - in a lienís zone. The area of lighting of aura has increased on 4-10 thousand.

After pronouncing mantra in the same group and during the same time 80 % of children had restoration or amplification of energy potential in zones of head; at 70 % - in zone of coronary vessels; at 60 % - in zone of thick intestines; at 30 % - in a zone of throat. But the decrease of energy potential at 80 % of children in zones of epiphysis, hypophysis, hypothalamus is revealed also; at 70 % - in zones lymph, liver, kidneys; at 60 % in zone of blood circulation; at 50 % - in zone of heart; at 40 % - in zone of spine; at 30 % - in zone of throat. The area of lighting of aura has increased on 1- 3 thousand.

As a result of research of the adults patients is revealed, that during pray within 5 minutes, there was restoration or amplification of energy potential in zone of hypophysis at 90 % of the patients; hypothalamus - 85 %; nervous system and heart - 75 %; circulation of blood - 65 %; lymph - 60 %; spine - 50 %; of uro-genital system - 40 %; liver - 35 %; kidneys - 30 %; thick intestines and lien - 10 %; of endocrine system - 5 %. The area of lighting has increased on 2-4 thousand.

As a result of research of the adults is revealed, that during pronouncing mantra for too time, there was a restoration or amplification of energy potential in zones of nervous and of endocrine systems at 80 % of the patients; spine - 50 %; hearts and vessels - 45 %; kidneys - 30 %; broncholungs system - 25 %; thick intestines - 15 %. In too time decrease of energy potential in zone of uro-genital system - 80 %; hypophysis and hypothalamus - 75 %; a liver - 60 %; lymph - 50 %; hearts - 45 %; a spine - 40 %. The area of lighting of aura has decreased on 2-4 thousand.





1. The given researches show that the device "GDV-Camera" allows objectively estimating a status of health of the patients and dynamically to supervise the results of treatment and of supporting therapy.

2. "GDV-Camera" allows investigating influence of meditation, pray and mantra on energy condition of the man, his organs. And at the further researches it is possible to predict creation of medical techniques on the basis of these researches.

4. Doubtless advantage of the device "GDV-Camera" is the opportunity of preservation of results of researches in computerís memory, their comparison that is important at selection of therapy, during treatment, for dynamic supervise and for scientific researches.


Semenikhin Е.Е., Jeltyakova I.N.

URL: http: // E-mail:†††

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