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Ricardo Rojas - Neuroscientist of Consciousness / R&D Director
NEURONOETICS, World Institute for the Science of Consciousness
Edmonds, USA


Ricardo Rojas is a Peruvian born, theoretical neuroscientist dedicated to fundamental research in the Science of Consciousness.  He graduated from Saint Bonaventure University (Olean, NY) in 1975 with a BS in Biology and Psychology.

In 1973, prior to graduation, Ricardo left St. Bonaventure and returned to Peru. A year later he returned to his studies and mysteriously awoke to the work of scholarship. He began to devour books in math, physics, biology and psychology with the unspoken beliefs that these disciplines could be integrated in the study of human consciousness. Simultaneously he became a student of Transcendental Meditation and shortly thereafter experienced a spiritual vision that has been the motivational platform to guide and inspire his work these past 24 years.

Before graduating Ricardo did two things. He began to question his professors seeking confirmation for his inspirations about consciousness, mind, brain and body. When he discovered that his questions were annoying and upsetting, Ricardo wrote a 40 page paper about these ideas thinking that it could be a pre-doctoral treatise. Both actions lead him to conclude that his studies would have to continue outside the traditional university setting. The consequence of that decision has been a story of the miraculous, as support for his work has appeared over and over again from unexpected sources.

Eventually Ricardo gave a name to his research with the understanding that it would be necessary to use computers to mathematically and physiologically simulate the functions of consciousness, mind and brain. He called his work the ISYS MODEL.
A necessary part of this process was nurturing spiritual development.   Thus, in 1980, after  practicing TM for years, Ricardo became a Transcendental Meditation teacher.  He taught workshops on Complete Breathing, Foot Reflexology, Yoga Asanas and developed a massage technique called Postural Decoaptation. This work brought new understandings to help develop the model.  In 1985 he founded NEURONOETICS in Lima, Peru (a non-profit scientific and educational research Institution). In 1995 he met Minnie Hein and their friendship yielded the development of a conceptual framework for a Bioenergetic Medicine.

Modest funding came from the government of Peru and a one time substantial investment from a wealthy European. In 1996 he was certified as a Neurofeedback Practitioner.   In 1998 Ricardo was trained on Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging with the intention of using this technology to test the validity of the ISYS MODEL  He is currently in the Seattle area to establish himself and find sponsors for his work. NEURONOETICS, World Institute for the Science of Consciousness has been founded in Seattle as a non-profit scientific educational Corporation.


At the present moment:
1. A program for NEURO-KINETIC training:
    a. Complete Breathing Program: a method to re-educate respiratory conduct
    b. Yoga asanas: a way of teaching asanas that allow you target the dismantling and reorganization of your Posture
2. Referral to Minnie Hein's Biosynergetix: a method for bioenergetic diagnosis and for bioenergetic treatment using the peruvian flower essences

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