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Flanagan Microclusters


Flanagan Microcluster® Technology Makes RBC Superfoods The Best Anywhere!


· Flanagan Microclusters® are small.. .How small? They are Nanocolloids®! Flanagan Microclusters® are as small as 5 nonometers (five billionths of a meter) in size.

· Flanagan Microclusters® are 1600 times smaller than a red blood cell and 2000 times smaller than a tissue cell.

· The smaller the colloid the greater and longer lasting the electrical charge. Flanagan Microclusters® are the smallest of all colloids with the greatest Zeta potential (or ability to hold an electrical charge). If Zeta potential is low, toxins cannot be suspended for elimination and nutrients cannot be suspended for transportation to the cells, and the whole system becomes clogged!

· Flanagan Microclusters® can maintain their special properties even when boiled or distilled or run through reverse osmosis. They are virtually indestructible!

· Flanagan Microclusters® energize virtually everything with which they come into contact.

· When Crystal Energy™ made with Flanagan Microclusters® is added to water - water molecules which are clumped together and inactive become separate and active and charged so they can easily pass through a cell wall carrying nutrients, removing wastes and rehydrating the cell itself.

· When Crystal Energy™ is added to water it makes it "The Most Biologically Active Water In The World," according to Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

· Crystal Energy™ contains 72 trace elements.. better utilized by the body as a result of Microcluster® technology.

· Flanagan Microclusters® have a structure which looks like a Geodesic Sphere.. all nutrients (both water active and lipid active) are attracted to and enclosed within this silica structure. Nutrients treated with Flanagan Microclusters® can more easily pass through the cell wall.

· Unlike Flanagan Microclusters®, ordinary colloidal minerals are too large to be utilized by the body - and look like broken pieces of glass under a microscope. They can actually cut open red blood cells. Also, the charge on ordinary colloids is not very high or stable.

· Flanagan Microcluster® Technology can enhance the power of all foods, nutritional supplements and personal care products.

Flanagan Microcluster® Technology is truly the Nutritional Breakthrough of the Century.

To order Crystal Energy™ with Flanagan Microclusters® call Dr. Agnnes Kraweck at Triune-Being Research Organization Ltd. or if you wish to purchase the product at distributor prices call Royal Body Care at 1-800-567-5433 and quote Dr. Kraweck's ID number 985824. Note: There is a registration fee of $25.00 payable to Royal Body Care to obtain distributor prices.

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