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Kirlian FAQ

Kirlian Photography with The Kirlian Aura Kamera - A camera that puts your Aura or Energy Field on film instantly.

Kirlian Photography Forum - Ask the world!

Discover your personal vibrational frequency through Kirlian Photography.

  • Are you psychic? Are you intuitive? Are you still connected to someone? Are you in control of your energy? Do you have a physical malfunction?
  • Be creative! Make your career exciting by using the Kirlian effect. A future science now!
  • Use it in any therapy to measure how effective your therapy really is, or to discover your personal colour vibration, moods, mind power potential.

The Kirlian Aura Kamera. Price includes camera, camera case, sample instant Polaroid film (3.25" x 4.25", type 669 or equivalent), instruction manual, "Life's Hidden Forces" (see below), and (NEW) an 11 x 17 approx. colour laminated poster. Specifications - Shipping Weight: 7lbs, Dimensions: Shipping Dimensions: 15in x 10 x 6, Power: 115V (optional 230V) Price: US$695.00 Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted.

"Life's Hidden Forces - A Personal Journey Into Kirlian Photography" by Agnnes Kraweck PhD on interpreting Kirlian photographs is now included with the camera. (NEW - now with 150 mostly colour photos) Price if ordered separately: US$35.00 (Published by Triune-Being Research Organization Ltd)


  • Kirlian Photography was accidentally discovered by Semyon D. Kirlian. The Russian technician was repairing equipment in a hospital when he noticed something unusual. He later found that through the interaction of electric currents and photographic plates, imprints of living organisms developed on film.
  • Kirlian and his wife developed the process in 1939. In the late 1940's the Russians began serious research, but it was not until the 1970's that Kirlian photography research began in the United States.
  • Kirlian photography involves the transferring of a high frequency charge through a metal plate attached to a Polaroid film camera base. The finger tips are lightly placed on the film which is encased in a light-tight bag, and an electric exposure is made. Sixty seconds later, after the film develops, the Kirlian photograph is complete and the subject's energy field is revealed. No dark room is required.


  • Your Kirlian print can have many exposures on the same picture depending what thought you wish to express. For example, one could be in a normal state, happy state, frustration, a perfect state, etc. The differences between the states indicate some of the ways in which you express your energy.

Can you take pictures of any other part of the body, other than the finger tips?

You can take pictures of any part of the body that can fit inside or on top of the glove. One podiatrist in New York takes pictures of the toes. Others have taken pictures of a dog's paw.

Note: The Kirlian Aura Kamera does not take pictures of the aura around the head. This aura camera (not a Kirlian camera) is US$10,000 plus royalties. It does not actually take a photo directly of the aura, but projects coloured lights onto a Polaroid film inside the camera, based on slight voltages picked up from the hand when placed on a receptor plate.

Polaroid & Other film types

1. Polaroid 669 - General purpose colour film, 60 second development time, ASA 80, 10 exposures.

2. Polaroid 667 - General purpose black-and-white film, 30 second development time, ASA 3000, 10 exposures.

3. Polaroid Polacolor PRO 100 - Proofing colour film, 90 second development time, ASA 100, 10 exposures.

4. Fuji FP-100C - Colour film, 90 second development time, ASA 100, 10 exposures.

5. Polaroid Polacolor 679 / Polarcolor 100, (more sensitive than 669), ISO 100, 90 second development time. 10 photos.

Note: All development times are for an ambient temperature of approximately 25 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. All film sizes are 3.25x4.25in. or 8.5x10.8cm. The Fuji film tends to be more expensive than the Polaroid film in North America.

Film for the optional 35mm Attachment for The Kirlian Aura Kamera™

1. We have been using Fuji colour 200 ASA film, but just about any 35mm film may be used by adjusting the time of exposure or for different effects.

Note on film prices: The best prices as above we have found for Polaroid 669 film and others, in the United States is at B & H Photo Warehouse in New York City, toll free number 800-606-6969 or 212-239-7500, fax: 212-239-7770 and web site:


1. High Frequency Generator.


INPUT: 100/120 volts, 50/60 Hz, .35 Amps (optional 230/240 volt available - No extra charge)

OUTPUT: 10KV TO 50KV, 500KHz.


2. Instant Film Camera Body and attached Voltage Distributor Plate.

3. Carrying Case (14.5in x 8.5in x 3.5in)

4. Type 669, Polacolor 100, or Polarcolor PRO 100 8-Film Pack - This may already have been installed in the Camera Body and one exposure made for testing purposes.

5. Operation Manual and Interpretation Guide, and general information on Kirlian Photography.

6. Life's Hidden Forces - A personal journey into Kirlian Photography.

By Agnnes Kraweck

This book has lots of tips on interpreting your Kirlian photos.

EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS (optional 35mm attachment)

1. The 35mm attachment plugs into the same generator included with the standard Polaroid version of The Kirlian Aura Kamera above, but allows the use of 35mm film which gives more definition than Polaroid film.

2. Carrying case, sample 200 ASA film, and manual/interpretation guide included.

Kirlian photography and Aura photography:

There is a difference between Kirlian photography and Aura photography. Kirlian photography uses a high frequency, high voltage discharge through any object placed on the film (it may or may not be instant film). Whatever can fit on the film can be photographed (including fingertips and toes). Aura photography however uses voltage fluctuations in the hand that are transposed into coloured lights projected onto the film and superimposing the image of the head and shoulders. Aura photography is not considered Kirlian photography. The aura seen around the head and shoulders is being projected onto the film by coloured lights inside the camera. The 'aura' is not coming from the subject directly. Aura cameras usually start at about US$10,000 plus royalties.

The Kirlian Aura Kamera™ is a true Kirlian camera using a high frequency, high voltage discharge and instant Polaroid film.

Warranty and Return Policy

The Kirlian Aura Kamera has a warranty of one year from date of purchase due to defaults in manufacturing.


You may return The Kirlian Aura Kamera for full credit within 21 days of purchase, less shipping and custom handling charges if any. There will also be a charge (at current film prices) for any used sample film included with the camera. The Kirlian Aura Kamera must be returned by the same method it was received. This is by UPS expedited, or 3 day select for US and other international orders.


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