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Agnnes Kraweck: Student Comments


INSTRUCTOR - Agnnes Kraweck
Health and Healing: Unitary Person Assessment
HP 508.4 (70)
Spring 1998

Your energy is unbelievable and contagious! I’ve learned a lot about thoughts and how important they are in everyday life. You’re a very inspiring woman and excellent teacher.

Sherri Beauchamp

Very different way of looking at things – the positive – I need to practice this. A lot of stuff – wish there was more time. Thank you for your enthusiasm.


It was a wonderful seminar. Thank you so much for the pendulum. I hadn’t realized I was so in touch with energy.

Suzanne McGladdery

I’ve opened up; I am not so skeptical. The pendulum really works for me, you’ve helped me understand and see things that I never did before. Thank you Agnnes for our generosity and positivity. You are awesome!! I am trying to be more positive, and it is very powerful. Thanks a lot.

Carly Brown

Agnnes is full of amazing energy and fascinating information. The manner in which she instructs inspires all to reach their inner potential and see only the positive energy and thoughts. The information regarding energy is amazing and relevant to all healing and prevention. Thank you so much for your gift and time to spread your inner power and perception on health today.


I have been inspired by what Agnnes has said so far. The shift in the way of thinking for me has been phenomenal. It is awesome the power of mind and attitude in one’s life. I am fascinated by the Kirilian photographs and would like to see and do more. You are an inspiration to listen to. Thank you.


I have become more enlightened with energy fields, hertz, nutrition (in terms of food vibration) and the power of the mind. I have new appreciation for that which we can’t see, such as aura, and influence of colors and positive thought. Thank you very, very much you are uplifting to be around, Agnnes, and I learned much from what you shared with us. The amethyst stone will be treasured.

Pat Elaschuk

Agnnes, you’re like "pure drug" is how I’ve come to think of you, a real "shot in the arm" – you are so so motivational and inspirational – you’ve certainly found your "niche" in life and thank you so much for showing that infusing enthusiasm with us, and your knowledge and wisdom – it will all stay with us for a long, long time! May the sun and the light continue to shine brightly on us as you illuminate others.

Love & Martine Baudot-Adams

I so enjoyed taking this class with you. Kirlian photograph has been an incredible experience. I think you have the most enthusiastic personality of anyone I’ve ever come across. You are a beautiful person and your words are very inspirational. You have been an incredible teacher of the very basics in life. Thank you so much for verifying some of my beliefs, and I’m sure we will meet again soon. Thanks so much.

Anna-Marie Dribnenki

Kirilian photograph is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Agnnes does an exceptional job at inspiring us. You’re an inspiration and example to us all. Great.

Terilynn Zabowsky

I want to say a sincere thank you for involving yourself in the program. I find your classes to be highly inspirational and really fresh. I find that when you teach time really seems to fly to the point where I don’t want class to end. Your positivity has a really energizing effect on me, and I find myself telling all my friends about the stuff I’ve learned in your classes. I also find that the information you provide really sticks in my head as opposed to some other classes. Thank you once again for everything Agnnes.

Lindsay Portman

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