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Numerology: Numerological Character Report & Numerological DayTracker
  • Sample Numerological Character Report™ & Numerological DayTracker™: A Ten Page Numerological Character Report™ and a one page/week or one page/day Numerological DayTracker™ for the current year.

  • Discover your own Cycle Year and the other Numbers in your life!
  • Numerology in the News 1995 - 2002
  • Mathematical Psychology - A New Numerology 
    Calculating the number combination of your name.
  • Today in History - Famous Birthdays - Famous Deaths

    Search archives:
    Historical Events Famous Birthdays Famous Deaths

  • Key Charts for Alphabets of the World & The Butterfly Alphabet. Send me your alphabet system if not included.

  • DayTracker Watch. Tell at a glance what cycle year, month, day, and even hour you are in! Know whether it is a good time for that crucial date - personal or business. Import Data File Available.
  • Changes to your Name, House Number, Birth Certificate, Domain Name, Email Address, Toll-Free telephone number etc.
  • The most popular baby names in Alberta.
  • Research Papers
  • Biographical Data - Colin Maxwell
  • Media Interviews with Colin Maxwell
  • Listen to Millenium Events by Colin Maxwell
  • Listen to The Power of Time by Colin Maxwell
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    Colin Maxwell BSc, BA - Numberologist

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    Updated information is now on our new site at www.numberology.com
      Sample Numerological Character Report & Numerological DayTracker
      Numerology In the News
      A New Numerology
      Key Charts for Alphabets of the World
      The most popular baby names in Alberta
      In search of the beast 666

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