Address Change Request
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The City of Edmonton
Planning and Development Department
Development and Inspection Services
2nd Floor, Metronet Tower
10250 101st Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 3P4

Phone: 496-3100

Re: Request for change of address

I/We request a change of address for:

Plan:                                         Block:                                      Lot:

from the present address of:

to the desired address of:

Enclosed is the fee of $300.00 plus GST of $21.00* for the address change as per Bylaw 9668.

Paid by:          Cash:         Cheque:                        Visa Number:

                                                                         Expiry Date:

The phone number where I/We can be contacted between 8.00am and 4:30pm is:


Mailing Address:




*Note: Fees will not be processed unless address change is approved.