Comments from participants at previous Transformational Workshops

Lots of great new ideas and information that you both have given are greatly appreciated. I thank you. Thank you so much Agnnes and Colin for a most enjoyable and enlightening seminar today. Loved the info on visualizing color flowing through for 21 days. Good info on the analyzing of vases and other pics. Good Workshop! Thank you for a most enjoyable informative, educative day. I never stop learning; this has made me become aware of how much I already know as well as how much more I could learn. I liked the discussion amongst everyone as always- I'm honored to know you both, and again, thank you. Dear Colin and Agnnes, Thanks. Glad I came, of course. It confirms what we know and what feels right. Love learning and the new info. Agnnes and Colin Wow! As always. So much to learn and grow. I'm enjoying the journey. Thank you for sharing- everything and "all"! You are true inspiration. I am leaving today with more awareness and understanding on how I am flowing my energy - have more "tools" to fine tune - uplift my vibration. See you again. I enjoyed the seminar very much. It reinforced more of my ideas. The group was interesting. Please more numerology! Keep up the great work!! I always enjoy your workshops. They are very though provoking. Very good seminar. Still learning. Feeling energized. Light bulbs are going on as I understand and identify with what's being said. Thanks.

This really brings my hopes up. Very interesting & thought provoking. Tremendous energy. Very helpful in understanding one's life. Very informative - and a bit scary! You were dead on! This made me feel good. I want to learn more. Wonderful information. This substantiates my strong belief system. Very insightful and right on! I want more. You know me too well. Very enlightening. This made me think about a more "spiritual" side of life. Accurate diagnosis. Awesome & very fascinating. Really enjoyed it. The photo system is a very good method of showing physically the invisible power in our lives.