'Your Book of Life has 9 pages. Which page are you on?'

presented by Agnnes Kraweck and
Colin Maxwell

Commercial Room, Chateau Louis Hotel Conf. Center
11727 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton

Wednesday January 25th 2006, 7pm

Comments from previous meetings:

I can't believe the knowledge I learned tonight. A wonderful session. I would recommend it to anyone. Awesome. - Charlene M.
Love all the information, wonderful team! - Mary Jean S.
Please to see you are putting your extensive knowledge out to the general public. - Henriette D.
Awesome presentation. - Margaret P. - Awesome, informative, glad to be there! - Nancy M.
Very interesting. - Dodie S. - Great Information! - Denise L.
Very informative and a great idea for further events. - Cheryl M.

  • Are you looking for a deeper meaning and purpose to your life? Do you know your inner potential? Many don’t and often feel trapped in an environment where they can no longer reach their full potential.
  • Each is born into this world with a unique vibrational combination of an inner and an outer nature, It is within these qualities that you will discover who you are, your motivational power, your true self image, your destiny and which page you are on in the book of life.
  • Our focus in this presentation is to awaken a new awareness of your inner potential and quantum leap you into new levels of consciousness.

Call 780-421-4284 for more information. Limited seating. Free Parking.

Admission $25.00 at the door, Early bird rate $20.00 by registering on line:
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