'How the Secret World of Drawing Reveals your Past, Present and Future'

presented by Agnnes Kraweck and
Colin Maxwell

Commercial Room, Chateau Louis Hotel Conf. Center
11727 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton

Wednesday November 2nd 2005, 7pm

Comments from previous meetings:

I can't believe the knowledge I learned tonight. A wonderful session. I would recommend it to anyone. Awesome. - Charlene M.
Love all the information, wonderful team! - Mary Jean S.
Please to see you are putting your extensive knowledge out to the general public. - Henriette D.
Awesome presentation. - Margaret P. - Awesome, informative, glad to be there! - Nancy M.
Very interesting. - Dodie S. - Great Information! - Denise L.
Very informative and a great idea for further events. - Cheryl M.

'The Secret World of Drawing' - Agnnes has analyzed over four thousand drawings!

  • Every picture is a reflection of your life and it carries a message of your past, present, your future, and a shadow of what lies hidden in the unconscious.
  • There are approximately seventy books written researching the secret world of drawing by such famous Authors as Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross on “Death and Dying. Dr. Bernie Segal in “Love Medicine and Miracles” and Dr. Gregg M. Furth working with the emotionally disturbed.
  • In the past all focus and attention was given to the negative side of life, looking at the body as being broken, as in sickness or being emotionally unbalanced. We now know that there is a direct relationship between sickness and the energetic thoughts that created it. To get positive results attention should be given to what is right with the body. No one is born broken, and we are always at the right place and at the right time to make a change to become greater, and contrast is necessary for growth.
  • This presentation will focus on how to interpret the messages in your drawing.
  • All those who want a personal experience, please bring a drawing of a vase with some flowers in it. We also need your name, and day, month, and year of your birth.
  • You will discover how easy it is to apply this information to enhance one’s life in an office, in a clinic, in school or at home with your friends and relatives. Understand where your children are at even though they may not verbalize it.
  • Intuition technology and Numerology will amaze you what messages are hidden in a drawing, and if it’s related to your past, present or your future.

Call 780-421-4284 for more information. Limited seating. Free Parking.

Admission $25.00 at the door, Early bird rate $20.00 by registering on line:
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