Update: Colin Maxwell will discuss recent results on the "Fountain of Life" (Human Growth Hormone & IGF-1) talked about in the previous lectures in this series. Yes, you can turn back the Biological Clock! Colin will also summarize the cycle years for 2005.

'Know Thy Self'

presented by Agnnes Kraweck and
Colin Maxwell

Chateau Louis Hotel Conference Center
11727 Kingsway Ave

Wednesday June 1st 2005, 7pm

Comments from previous meetings:

Love all the information, wonderful team! - Mary Jean S.
Very interesting. - Dodie S.
Please to see you are putting your extensive knowledge out to the general public. - Henriette D.
Awesome presentation. - Margaret P.
Great Information! - Denise L.
Very informative and a great idea for further events. - Cheryl M.
Awesome, informative, glad to be there! - Nancy M.
I can't believe the knowledge I learned tonight. A wonderful session. I would recommend it to anyone. Awesome. - Charlene M.

Know Thy Self:

This presentation is focused on exploring the mystery of consciousness for a deeper understanding of self, updating beliefs and perceptions we currently hold, so we can lead ourselves based on a true sense of knowing. We all have such profound power and control over our lives, but it ties in to our knowledge for without knowledge we are powerless.

Learning should be a life time process to gain wisdom. Our life should not be measured on rewards and punishments, but life should be used to waking up the brain to new levels of consciousness. This experience for some may be a wake up call, and for others a complete overhaul. While some may need a check up from the neck up, others may just need a minor tune up. What ever it takes you will certainly become very aware of self.

The following are topics for discussion:

  • Discover- In stages of growth why is a physical body is required to complete our evolution?

  • Discover- The role circadian rhythms play in balancing your pH and in maintaining vibrant health.
  • Discover- What the electromagnetic field around the body reveals and what role it plays in our genetics and where the true self is.
  • Discover- How seasons and night and day cycles effect your brain and your magnetic signature.
  • Discover-Some words can heal or destroy your cellular biology. Certain affirmations can also influence your biological clock and amazing new information on the benefits of using certain intents.

An exiting evening and much more! New information! Fun and transformational!

Call 780-421-4284 for more information. Limited seating. Free Parking.

Admission $25.00 at the door, Early bird rate $20.00 by registering on line:

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