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'Power of the Word'

:How your thoughts and speech create your reality

presented by Agnnes Kraweck and
Colin Maxwell

Commercial Room, Chateau Louis Hotel Conference Center
11727 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton

Wednesday August 17th 2005, 7pm

Comments from previous meetings:

I can't believe the knowledge I learned tonight. A wonderful session. I would recommend it to anyone. Awesome. - Charlene M.
Love all the information, wonderful team! - Mary Jean S.
Please to see you are putting your extensive knowledge out to the general public. - Henriette D.
Awesome presentation. - Margaret P.
Very interesting. - Dodie S. - Great Information! - Denise L.
Very informative and a great idea for further events. - Cheryl M.
Awesome, informative, glad to be there! - Nancy M.

Power of the Word:

  • Think Right!  Live Right!  Be Right!
  • Mould your thinking and mould your life
  • Recognize that you are living in a sea of mind.
  • A time to inform, reform, and transform with like minds.

There has been a surge of interest in exploring the power of words. Many people are having experiences that cannot be easily explained. Science is now discovering that there is more to that picture, as the global brain awakens to the vibrational world.

There is no lack in the Universe for it is abundant in health - wealth - prosperity or material gains. The Universe knocks itself out to bring to you what you want. It is law and therefore must be. "Ask and you shall receive”

There is a direct relationship between your words, your feeling, and your intention that opens that door for desires or rewards to manifest. Come and explore with us this new reality in the "Power of the Word" and its reflection of consciousness in the geometry of behavior.

Other topics for discussion:

  • Discover - When asking for certain desires, why we attract the opposite?
  • Discover - How do you close the door to your past when you want to move forward.
  • Discover - Words can enhance and heal the secret life of your cells.
  • Discover - Certain words can change and re-write your genetic program to what you want.
  • Discover - The relationship between the day you are born and the 3 levels of group consciousness.

Call 780-421-4284 for more information. Limited seating. Free Parking.

Admission $25.00 at the door, Early bird rate $20.00 by registering on line:
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