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The Ultimate Nutriceutical For Healthy Cell Environment

If tomorrow morning you wake up to hear the weatherman predict 200 degrees heat today, winds of 100 miles per hour, and barometric pressure of 100, you wouldn’t go to work. You would not be able to. You live and work, only within a certain range of environmental conditions acceptable to your body. If environmental conditions are beyond that range, you can’t function.

Those tiny cells, which make up every part of your body, work the same way. They perform their vital functions only within a narrow range of environmental conditions. If conditions are beyond that range, they fail to function properly and your health is jeopardized. The extreme importance of cellular environment has been overlooked in the past, but has recently been recognized.

The weatherman describes our environment by measuring temperature, wind, and air pressure. Scientists describe the environment of our cells by measuring three conditions of certain body fluids - in blood, saliva, and urine:

1) pH - Acid or alkaline

2) Antioxidant power

3) Electrical conductivity

The "weather" report, which describes the overall environment of your cells based on those measurements, is called your Biological Terrain. And the instrument used to the test body fluids is named Biological Terrain Analyzer. The laboratory at Royal BodyCare has recently acquired this instrument and is conducting studies with it.

When the Biological Terrain is out of the healthy range, and cells can not perform, a person is at high risk to contract a wide spectrum of acute and chronic diseases, as well as physical deterioration and more rapid aging.

During this century, despite many technological advances in our society, we have declined in some ways. Food consumption in our most advanced countries has changed from nutritious raw foods to highly processed foods low in nutritional value. Over 100,000 new chemicals, previously unknown to man, have been introduced into our air and water, which have become increasingly polluted. All of these changes affect the chemistry of our body fluids and therefore our Biological Terrain.

As a result, the incidence of many chronic and life threatening diseases has increased in this century.

Your logical question is, " How can I adjust and maintain my Biological Terrain in the healthy range."

Fortunately you now have a way. It is simple and safe It is not a drug. It is a revolutionary nutritional supplement developed by Drs Gael and Patrick Flanagan, who are known throughout the world for their long history of contributions to health care.


Microhydrin is a special form of a time-release mineral hydride powder Each molecule has an extra electron. When consumed, it releases much needed electrons into your body, improving the condition of all three characteristics which make up your Biological Terrain.

1) It tends to increase pH — alkalinize body fluids.

2) It is the most powerful antioxidant available.

3) It increases electrical conductivity


1) Increased pH - Pollution, stress, and our consumption of highly processed foods tend to create acidic body fluids, a characteristic compatible with certain diseases. All cellular waste, and most internally generated toxins are acidic. Microhydrin tends to increase pH to a less acidic, more alkaline condition.

2) Increased antioxidant power - Free radicals are compounds which have lost an electron and which tend to steal electrons from healthy cells, which can cause malignancy, loss of energy, accelerated aging and other diseases. Damaging free radicals are created by normal activities, but, also, from contamination of our food, air, and water. An antioxidant is a compound that gives up an electron to a free radical, making it harmless. Hydrogen is the smallest atom of all, and the Microhydrin molecule is many times smaller than the large molecules of all other antioxidants. Yet each tiny Microhydrin molecule also releases one electron. One mg of Microhydrin gives up many more electrons than one mg of any other antioxidant. However, antioxidants work together. Vitamin C gives up an electron, and becomes a weaker free radical. It then steals an electron from Beta Carotene which becomes a weaker free radical and steals from Vitamin E. Even though Microhydrin is the only form of antioxidant known that does not become a free radical, it is important to continue to consume all forms of antioxidants in addition to Microhydrin, as the most effective way to protect against free radical

3) Electrical Conductivity - Water without minerals will not conduct electricity Messages from cells to other cells are vital to their functions, but will not be transmitted if minerals are inadequate in the body fluids between, and inside the cells. Because our soils and the vegetables we eat are often depleted of trace minerals, our body fluids tend to be low in the minerals necessary to transmit vital messages. This can lead to frequent fatigue, poor mental function, and other diseases. Microhydrin tends to increase electrical conductivity in body fluids

To add Microhydrin to your daily nutritional regime, you may comfortably consume 1-2 twice per day, or 3 - 4 two to three times per day as desired, or as recommended by a healthcare professional.


The Ultimate Nutriceutical For Healthy Cell Environment

To order Microhydrin™  call Dr. Agnnes Kraweck or Colin Maxwell at

Triune-Being Research Organization Ltd
9549 107th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5H 0T6 Canada.
Phone: 780-421-4284, Fax: 780-425-8628. email:

or if you wish to purchase the product at distributor prices call Royal Body Care at 1-800-567-5433 and quote Dr. Kraweck's ID number 985824. Note: There is a registration fee of $25.00 payable to Royal Body Care to obtain distributor prices.


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